HDPE geomembrane

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It is hard to imagine the modern construction without use of up-to-date waterproofing materials.

Geomembrane is competitive in efficiency, easy installation and transportation, resistance and service reliability with traditional waterproofing materials.

• And in some construction areas it is far ahead of its competitors.

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HDPE geomembrane is a film produced from high density polyethylene. It is notable for its high strength, chemical resistance and physical stability. As a rule, it has a rigid structure, so that it is more convenient to use it in large well-leveled areas. It is also used in the construction of ponds, storage pits and reservoirs.

Indicator name 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm
Standard roll size, m 5,00х50,0 5,00х50,0 5,00х40,0 5,00х40,0
Type of raw materials HDPE (high density polyethylene)
Membrane density, g/cm3 0,940-0,960 0,940-0,960 0,940-0,960 0,940-0,960
Soot content, % 2,0-3,0 2,0-3,0 2,0-3,0 2,0-3,0
Breaking elongation, % min 700 700 700 700
Water absorption, % 0 0 0 0
Chemical resistance pH 0,5-13 pH 0,5-13 pH 0,5-13 pH 0,5-13


Waterproofing film properties are widely used in industrial and civil construction:

  • Landfills for municipal, the industrial and chemical wastes;
  • Water basins and storage pits;
  • Waste water storage tanks;
  • Settlers in oil industry;
  • Tunnel, road and airfield construction;
  • Concrete construction protection;
  • Foundation damp-proofing course;
  • Decorative water basins and pools.

Besides waterproofing properties, the membrane has perfect reinforcing properties. It helps not only to cut off the layers sealed off from each other by an impervious screen safely, but also to prevent the caving, soil movements, damage of concrete constructions.


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Geomembrane Technological Properties

  • The usage of film in different construction branches is provided by its unique chemical and physical mechanical properties.
  • High resistance to aggressive media: acids, alkali, oils, petroleum products and other substances to the first hazard class.
  • The membrane is undecayable and not broken by UV radiation.
  • High strength properties of the material: flexibility, elasticity, unshrinkability, resistance to puncture, abrasive influence and cracks formation.
  • The temperature range for use varies from -60ºС to + 80ºС.
  • Geofilm meets all environmental safety requirements
  • It has a long service life – up to fifty years.


We produce HDPE geomembrane 5 m wide. Such material width is more convenient for installation works. It allows reducing the usage of sheets due to reduction of number of weld joints. Besides, the use of wide sheets increases the speed of their welding and laying. The use of 5 m wide material increases the installation work efficiency to 10000 square meters per shift by one team, which makes it possible to reduce time limits for commissioning a construction project.

ANIKOM Ltd. uses fresh high-grade raw materials of the best quality only, and the geomembrane always corresponds to specifications stated.

There is a permanent quality control of raw materials and output products in the Company. 
Weld strength of ANIKOM geomembrane satisfied the highest requirements, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

Geomembrane price per m2

The calculation of geomembrane price per m2 differs according to the volume and delivery place.

To make an updated commercial offer for delivery of ANIKOM geomembrane your request would contain the following information:

  • The Company’s details
  • Geomembrane type
  • Geomembrane thickness
  • Geomembrane quantity in m2
  • Delivery place
  • Contact person’s full name and phone number

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HDPE geomembrane is often used in waterproofing works of different degrees of complexity.

  • The construction of sites for heaps in case of gold and copper heap leaching.
  • In the construction of sites for oil product sales and storage.
  • Polyethylene film constructions for liquid waste storage pits.
  • Solid waste storage pits (slurry storage, ash dump of heating and power stations, muck storage, repositories, urban dumps).
  • The foundation damp-proofing course, flat roof installation, pedestal, motor road and subsurface facility waterproofing.
  • The road and airdrome waterproofing.
Date: 02.12.23